A Prayer for Texas

I woke up this morning in middle Tennessee to thunderclaps and lightning bolts. It’s the start of the week, time to get moving, time to go to work, time to be productive, and the absolutely last thing I wanted to do was leave my bed.

I felt the Lord immediately press upon my heart to pray. Pray for all the people in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. All these people who have zero control over the weather, the flooding, what happens to their homes. It’s so tempting for me to think, Ugh what a rainy and dreary day. Or to worry that my Labor Day weekend travel plans will be disrupted.

Well, God woke me up from that temptation right away. I watched video after video last night, and I couldn’t get the images of the storm, the water, and those helpless people out of my head. Looking at that, all I can do is thank God for my dry, clean apartment. For electricity. For food and running water. For a life that’s pretty darn untouched.

And so I prayed.

“God, help these people. Help every single person touched by this hurricane. Keep them safe. Spare their lives. Provide security and relief, Father.

Give them a way out if they need it, God. I hate seeing these images and videos of such destruction. Utter devastation. Our brothers and sisters are hurting.

But God this storm is yet another indication that we live in a broken world. This earth is not our home. Lord, you sent your son Jesus Christ—who was perfect in every way—to walk this place, to die the death we deserve, and to rise so that we might have eternal life if we believe.

I pray that this storm would draw people to You. I pray they would seek Your face. Redeem and restore them, God. Give them hope when it feels like there is none. I pray as they pick up the pieces of their lives, as they rebuild after the storm, that they build on You as the foundation.

The winds and rain come, but God, You weather every storm.

You give hope to the hopeless. You are unshakeable, immovable, everlasting.

I pray we unite as a country to help our brothers and sisters in Texas. Give us hearts to serve, to donate, to mobilize. Give us the will to pray with total trust in you, to cry out to You.

Comfort the hurting, Lord. Strengthen them and renew them in Your powerful and mighty name! You alone can do it. You will do it. You are doing a new thing. And we know that nothing is impossible with You, God.

Come swiftly, Lord.

Bring healing, hope, redemption, love.

It’s in your precious and holy name I pray.



If you're looking for a way to contribute to Hurricane Harvey relief, please consider making a donation to or serving with the North American Mission Board. One hundred percent of every dollar given goes directly to aid efforts. Be part of Christ's love in action. And please continue to pray.

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Truly, He makes beautiful things.